Mandello del Lario has numerous well-equipped facilities for both recreational and competitive sports. 



Mandello del Lario is one of the cornerstones of Italian rowing history. For rowing fans there is the possibility to go out on the lake by boat: from a single boat to a coxed four, without forgetting the "sulkava churchboat", a Finnish 14-person boat.
Today, within “Canottieri Moto Guzzi” (Moto Guzzi Rowers), in addition the "Youth", "High Specialization" and "Master" sections, there is also an "Amateur" section dedicated to "fitness rowing" and the organization of rowing tourism events ("AkuaDuulza" ) along the coasts of the Lake.
While the competitive activities are held at the historic headquarters of Via Statale (the headquarters is currently undergoing restructuring), thanks to an agreement with the municipality of Mandello del Lario, the Lido is now home to amateur activities that are carried out throughout the year.   More information:

Canottieri Moto Guzzi

Address: via Statale n. 51
Telephone: 0341 733792
Email: 0341 733792

Tennis - Basketball - Volleyball - Athletics - Football

The “Polisportiva Mandello” (Mandello Sports Association), in addition to the competitive activities of the individual sections, organizes many courses that meet the needs of everyone: children, teenagers and adults. Regular courses are held from October until May; in addition, in June and July there are special summer courses with similar characteristics for both residents and tourists. Today, the Polisportiva Mandello has two different headquarters: the sports arena of Via Pra Magno, with tennis courts, running tracks for athletics and an outdoor multi-purpose field; and the grass football field of via Fra Bernardo.
More information:

Polisportiva Mandello

Address: via Pra magno n. 8
Telephone: 0341 730420
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Football Field

Telephone: 0341 700596


Mandello del Lario has also a local Bocce Club (Associazione Bocciofila Mandellese), founded in 1993 with the aim of training new champions in this sport. Located at the Promessi Sposi Club of Molina, the Club has two covered fields equipped with lighting and heating. In March 2016, the Club hosted 2 competitions that saw the participation of more than 200 players, representing 41 clubs and 7 committees.  
More information:

Circolo bocciofila Mandellese

Address: via Montello, 5
Telephone: 0341 733619


In Mandello del Lario you will also find a Pool Club, called "Circolo La Dolce Vita". The Club offers four pool tables, air conditioning and a grandstand for watching the games. Over the last few years, in addition to some local competitions, the club has hosted important events: among them, in 2016, the 2nd International Pool Convention, which brought to Mandello del Lario some of the best pool players of the world. The event saw the participation of 128 international players from many countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium and Denmark.  
More information:

Circolo di biliardo "La Dolce Vita"

Address: Viale della Costituzione 53 A
Telephone: 333 8488010

Alpine groups

Mandello del Lario, located at the foot of the Grigna Mountains, is home to some of the most renowned Alpine Associations and Climbing Groups.

Gruppo Corvi of Mandello

The Gruppo Corvi of Mandello was founded in June 1971 by the initiative of some local mountaineers. The association takes its name from a crow nest found during a climb on the Punta Fiorelli, in Val Masino (corvo: crow). The Association organizes mountaineering and ski mountaineering courses, at various levels, at the Scuola di Alpinismo Gruppo Corvi in collaboration with the Scuola Regionale Lombarda C.A.I. C.N.S.A.S.A. The courses include a theoretical part and a practical part on the mountains.  
More information:
Telephone: 339 6965455 (Roberto)
Address: Via Dante, 47 – Mandello del Lario

Cruppo C.A.I Grigne

The Gruppo C.A.I. Grigne (Local CAI Grigne Club - Italian Alpine Club), founded in 1924, organizes outings and alpine excursions for its members. In addition, the association offers mountaineering courses. The aim of the association is also to raise awareness of the mountain environment and wildlife.  
Address: Via Riva dell'Ospizio – Mandello del Lario
Telephone: 0341 735094

Scuba diving

Mandello del Lario is not only about mountains: its enviable position on the shores of the famous Lake of Como also offers the possibility of scuba diving.
The main beach for diving is located in Moregallo, located on the other side of Lake Como from the main town, a five minute drive from Lecco.
Every summer, dozens of scuba-diving enthusiasts flock to the beaches of Mandello: from the most experienced to those who practice with the dry suit.
Lake Como offers many diving spots for all levels: diving on walls, on wrecks, landslides, caves. Many speleologists, such as Luigi Casati, have contributed to spread the image of Lake Como as a Mecca for underwater speleology.


Mandello del Lario also has a small skateboarding area inside the public gardens by the Lake. Entrance is free and allowed for people over 12 with a skateboard, rollerblade or MBX.
Address: Gardens Area, Via Medaglie Olimpiche
Opening hours:
- Winter: 9 am - 6 pm
- Summer: 9 am - 9 pm

Gym - Fitness, dance

Area 91

Gym for dance, aerobics and gymnastics courses
Address: Via Rogola 14 A
Telephone: 3343844682 
“Where do we come from? What are the movements that have allowed men to develop and adapt to the environment?
Area 91 is the first sports facility in the area that breaks the traditional patterns of classic gyms. Our goal is to learn how to move and get to know our body.
Walking, jumping, crawling, climbing and lifting are the foundations of human movement and with us you will learn to rediscover the beauty of moving freely and without restrictions. Area 91 also offers courses for all ages: children's dance, from classical to hip hop, aerobics and toning group courses for adults and light aerobics classes for the elderly”.

Other sports facilities

In Rongio there is an area with a 5-a-side football field and a basketball field.
Entrance: free
Opening hours: 10 am - 10 pm


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