The Grigna Mountains, with their calcareous-dolomite rocks, offer many hiking trails in a breathtaking natural environment; a perfect scenario for trekking experiences even at a high level.

Within the mountain range we have the Northern Grigna, commonly called “Grignone”, the Southern Grigna, also known as “Grignetta” and also the “Pilastro Mountain” and the “Pizzi di Parlasco”.
The Grignone offers different excursion possibilities, all with a splendid view of the central and western part of the Alpine arc. The Grignone can be reached directly from the lake side, or more comfortably from Valsassina.

The magnificent natural environment is characterized by a very steep ground, furrowed by deep gullies and littered with forests, and by mountain meadows and dozens of rock formations. The craggy limestone walls, besides being an environment used by the mountain birdlife for nesting (Golden eagle, Wallcreeper, Eurasian eagle-owl, etc.), are also an important habitat for many flower species.

The Grigna Mountains are a corner of green paradise, with an extremely rich and diversified flora and fauna. In particular, here are found 37% of beeches of the "Asperulo-Fagetum" type, typical of Lombardy. We can also find different endemic species, such as the “Primula glaucescens”. Of particular interest is also the “Primula Grignensis”, which can be found exclusively in this territory. Of course, the underground cavity system generated by karstic phenomena is also of great value. The Grignone can be reached from Mandello del Lario via the Milan-Lecco-Tirano railwy, or more comfortably from Valsassina.

Also the Grignetta offers a variety of beautiful itineraries and cozy refuges.

Here are some of the itineraries that these amazing mountains have to offer. We advise you to bring a camera with you and to wear an appropriate outfit for mountain excursions.

Enjoy your walk on the mountains of Mandello del Lario!