The Piani Resinelli (“Resinelli Plateaus”) lie at the foot of the Grigna Mountains and extend over the Municipalities of Abbadia Lariana, Mandello del Lario, Ballabio and Lecco.
From their position you can enjoy a fabulous view that goes from the Rhaetian Alps to Monte Rosa, the Lake of Lecco and the Alta Brianza basins.
The Resinelli Plateaus reach an average altitude of 1,300 meters and can be reached in about forty minutes by car from Mandello del Lario, following the signs for Valsassina.
They owe their name to the Resinelli family, who in 1830 built the first hunting hunt here. The first shelters were built at the end of the nineteenth century and, in 1917, they built a small church that still today is a meeting point for both residents and holidaymakers.
In recent years, The Resinelli Plateaus have been a popular tourist destination, also thanks to the construction of new hotels, restaurants, holiday homes and ski resorts (the latter have been closed).
For centuries, within the massif on which the Resinelli Plateaus are located, kilometers of tunnels were dug for the extraction of various types of lead minerals, which were a fundamental resource for the development of the steel industry of Lecco.
Today, two of the ancient mines have been restored and reopened: Anna and Cavallo-Silvia, which can be visited by contacting the Resinelli Plateaus Mining Park Office located in Piazzale delle Miniere.
The geological and landscape uniqueness of the Resinelli Plateaus have always made them a popular destination among hikers and mountain climbers.

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Until the mid-1900s, the large meadows of the Resinelli Plateaus were the site of numerous mountain pastures. Today, some farms offer their tasty typical products in memory of those times and to preserve ancient flavors.
Today, tourism plays a fundamental role in preserving and protecting this territory, which sees in nature and in its preservation a precious treasure and an important stimulus for future generations.